A loudspeaker from Manger and Seas drivers

Realistic and natural rendering of voice, music and sound

Most loudspeakers, regardless of cost or design solution, do not provide a "true to life" experience e.g. the impression of having real people around when listening to properly recorded voices, or of being right there in the concert hall.
Ideally, a loudspeaker should provide:

The CIRIS design uses a Manger driver in a shaped open baffle. The polar patter is well behaved and doesn't have a deep null at 90°. The open back contributes to illuminate the room from multiple directions and the backwave doesn't negatively influence the frequency response of the speaker membrane. CIRIS doesn't have the typical "boxed" sound of most loudspeakers, even the most expensive ones.
The woofer is arranged as a point source, truly omnidirectional. A subwoofer handles the very low frequencies with great dynamics.

Voices sound exceptionally natural. Once you have listened to the CIRIS e.g. streaming your favourite TV show through your home cinema either in a 2.1 or multichannel arrangement, most probably you will never want to go back to anything else.

CIRIS comes with DSP based crossover and filter unit, plus 400W of high performance state of the art amplification. For further information contact

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